Woodworking the equipment from Turkey already in Russia.

Since 2006 AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET ve İNŞ. LTD. ŞTİ opens the dealer program in Russia. We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation of the company interested in increase in the profit due to expansion of assortment of trading positions in sector wood working machines, the equipment, the equipment for manufacture of furniture and the laminated parquet. AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET ve İNŞ. LTD. ŞTİ offers favourable conditions of delivery and payment.

You can contact us by phone +90 (262) 644-79-92/93 or by e-mail.
General director AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET ve İNŞ. LTD. ŞTİ  Halil Aslan


Company AHISKALI DIS TICARET VE INSAAT invites to cooperation of suppliers of saw-timbers and a round wood (a pine, a fur-tree, a fir) on favourable conditions.

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Welcome to a site of company AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET ve İNŞ. LTD. ŞTİ., the companies an overall objective which development and expansion of business cooperation of Turkey and Russia in the timber industry industry is.

Company AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET is based in 2002 as the exporter of high-quality wood raw material from Russia. In the beginning of 2003, the second direction – export reliable and accessible wood working the equipment from Turkey to Russia which fully complies with requirements of the Russian companies was open. The income about 3 million dollars during 2003-2004 confirms success of this decision.

AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET is the dealer of the largest industrial companies of Turkey which is included in number 10 of the leading branch companies of Europe, such as AKKUŞLAR and ÜSTÜNKARLI, (wood working the equipment); BİLGİ TRAFO (the tool-grinding equipment); ATRIA and ORENT (drying chambers).

The equipment from AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET effectively works both on large wood working combines, and in small wood busness the companies.

Company AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET gives the equipment in any complete set fully complying needs of a different level and volume of manufacture. AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET provides development and installation of equipment "on a turn-key basis" independent producing units, and also industrial lines in large wood working the enterprises.

Also experts of the company will provide the installation of equipment, got in AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET, in already existing industrial lines. It will allow the Russian companies, our potential partners, to optimize production and considerably to lower expenses for purchase of the equipment.

Company AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET carries out training experts of customers, and also guarantee and post-warranty service of the equipment.

Since 2003 Russian wood working the companies could get equipment AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET in company "ТехАрсенал". Taking into account a growing demand on accessible and qualitative wood working the equipment in Russia, and also realizing the purpose of company AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET - development of long-term and mutually advantageous attitudes with the Russian enterprises, our company tears off the new program on expansion of a dealer network in Russia.

Equipment AHISKALI DIŞ TİCARET will make new opportunities accessible.


HYM 400 Resaw For Slabs (horizontal)

The reliable, high-efficiency machine tool with 4 saws, saws boards thickness up to 8 mm.

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Laminate Parquet Production Line

Full cycle from opening laminated plates before packing ready "parquet blocks"

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